GPU makes pc restarts and gives horizontal green pixelated stripes

Since yesterday I can no longer use my PC with my GPU, I have a MSI GTX 770 2 GB Gaming and has always done it. Yesterday during a game of Player's Unknown Battlegrounds my PC got stuck and I got to see big pink pixels around my screen, after i did make a restart it did seems to work again but after a few hours I got it again, after this time I got these screens every time I start my pc (see pictures) and crashes windows every time. When I start my PC without GPU and I use the intergrated graphic's everything works fine.

Green pixelated stripes on screen

What i've tried:

- Updated to the lastest Nvidia game ready driver
- Cleaning the GPU and motherboard
- Removed the large dust area's in my pc
- New thermal paste applied on the chip

Because everyone nowadays is crypto mining with their GPU, it is difficult to buy a new GPU, so I am looking for a solution

My rig:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 4.2 GHz
Motherboard: MSI Z87 G45 Gaming
GPU: MSI GTX 770 2GB Gaming

Already thanks for helping!
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