Using my master SSD as USB storage

Hi everyone!

I have this SSD:

It's my PC's OS/Storage disk.

I also have this case:

So I wanted to get some files that I have in my SSD because my PC is not working at the moment but I can't because my laptop is not recognizing it while using the case.

What can I do?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. the good thing is it's a SATA type SSD so you can get an enclosure that will turn it into a USB external hard drive like this one.

    this one is for 2.5" drives like the one you laptop has. make sure you get the right one because they make ones for the bigger 3.5" HDD too
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    The "case" that the OP linked is indeed a usb external enclosure that supports 2.5" ssd devices.

    It is not clear why the ssd is not being detected.
    Possibly, the external device is not sound.
    You could buy a usb to sata adapter cable like this:

    Some sata hard drives require more power than a usb port can supply.
    If you have two adjacent usb ports available, you can buy a adapter like this with a separate power and data usb connection.
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