1050ti with 16gb vs 1060 8gb with 8gb

whats better what should I buy? 1050ti 16gb or 1060 6gb with 8gb of ram?
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  1. Well for gaming the 1060 with 8gb of system ram would outperform a 1050 ti with 16gb of system ram in the vast majority of situations.
  2. If you only game, 8gb is plenty and the GTX1060 is stronger.

    If you simultaneously are multitasking, the 16gb is perhaps needed.
    A plus for the 16gb option is avoiding a future ram upgrade.
    If you buy 8gb now, adding 8gb will not be supported in the future.
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    I'd get the 1060 combo, unless you know for a fact you have a specific use which requires 16gb of system ram. While some games might use more than 8gb, they don't require it. Meanwhile, all games will benefit from the extra performance a 1060 gives you over the 1050 Ti.

    The only bizarre aspect to this issue is the price of things these days. Both videocards and DDR4 ram are ridiculously expensive. If you buy the 1060 you are going to get gouged on the price of that, but if you get the 16gb ram you will be gouged on that too.
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