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i have dell inspiron 3647 with core i3 4th generation and 8 gb of RAM did i use GT 1030 2gb low profile?
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  1. You could... but a gt 1030 isn’t quite the best card. Compatibility, sure...i guess. But the gt 1030’s ability to render graphics is still somewhat worse than a gtx 1050
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    Your PSU is 220w. You may have no issues running a gt1030, but with a 1050, you may be very tight. If it's just for light gaming, then the 1030 is the option.

    GTX1050 = 75w max, plus system components (maybe 100-120w) depending. So it's a fine margin.
  3. a gt 1030 should be ok if you only play esport titles or play AAA titles on low. A gt 1030 is compatible with almost every pc which can deliver at least 30W through the pcI slot.
  4. The 1030 is your best bet. Try to get one with a fan if you can, and you plan to run games. Every bit of cooling helps. You can always run your game at 720 if the 1030 struggles at 1080p.
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