Need a wireless controller. Best options?

So I am looking for a wireless controller to connect to a pc running windows 7

I use a wired xbox 360 controller and it works well but I have to go wireless as pc will be to far away.

What are my best options?
Aren't the new xbox one S controllers Bluetooth? Would I just need to get a Generic Bluetooth USB dongle to connect ?

Please let me know a good option to look at
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  1. Connecting an Xbox One controller via Bluetooth is not supported on Windows 7:

    Anyway, vibration doesn't work perfectly via Bluetooth, so I recommend that you buy an Xbox Wireless Adapter. Note that there are two versions of it, and only one of them supports Windows versions other than 10.

    The Steam Controller is also a good choice if you don't mind having to get used to it, and to fine-tune its configuration for every game. Once you do, it has the advantage of a very good motion sensor, which is really helpful for shooters. And it allows you to wirelessly control your entire PC via its keyboard and mouse emulation.
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    I was looking into doing the dual shock 4 Bluetooth route but was afraid of the range. 20 feet through a couple walls.

    Ended up buying a xbox 360 USB wireless adapter from amazon. I have couple 360 controller collecting dust so ill give that a go
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