Ryzen 1600 fan error?

Ive had my ryzen 1600 for around uhh 5 months, and randomly when i first boot my pc the fan starts wherring really loud, like a baby jet engine. And then if i shut down the pc and turn it on again the cpu fan goes back to normal, i had my cpu oced to 3.8ghz and the temps stayed fine and the fan only went to 100 percent usage on load. I have now removed the oc and the problem is still occuring. And if i restart the pc and not shut down the bios says Cpu fan error! And press f1 to do something.

Anyone else have this problem? And ideas on how to fix or what i should do?
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  1. poorly mounted cpu cooler.
  2. superninja12 said:
    poorly mounted cpu cooler.

    should i screw it in more?
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