WD Pidrive cable (3.0 micro b usb) to usb 3.0 a

This is kinda hard to explain,

I've got a WD PiDrive cable which has a 3.0 micro usb B type male socket on it, WD dont make there PiDrive anymore so i need to connect this to a normal sata to usb A adaptor to connect a HDD

I can not find a 3.0 femail micro usb B, to femail usb A anywhere?

Dose it exist?? if not could it be made and if so where could i get said coupler made?

Photos of what I'm talking about:

PiDrive Cable:

What I'm trying to couple together:

Thanks in advance!
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  1. have a chat with startech.com they'll know if it can be made.
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