which graphics card is compatible with my system

(1) what are the system requirements for 2 gb graphics card.
(2) which graphics card is compatible with my system. ( Budget : under 50$ )

My System information are :

A) processor : intel(R) pentium dual core E2140 @1.60 Ghz
B) ram : 2.5 GB
C) os : windows 7 (32 bit ) service pack 1
D) mother board : MSI , model : ms-7255 , version 2.1
E) epxpansion slot : PCI Ex16 is available on motherboard
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    Motherboard compatibility is no issue. What power supply do you have?
    I´d recommend a GeForce GT 1030 but it may be above your budget. You can buy one used or get an older Radeon R7 240 or R5 230.
  2. I wouldn't recommend the GT1030. The 10 series cards can have problems running on older mobo's without a UEFI bios. It's not a good idea for that card with your system. If you want nvidia, try a second hand gtx560ti/750ti or something.

    Not sure if the R7's/R5's have the same issue with older bios.

    But whatever you get, the CPU is not gonna help you at all. It's pretty underpowerd even for the aforementioned cards :(
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