Gpu no signal upon game start up

My gtx 760 has been causing me heartbreak lately. The gpu would shut off with no fan running whenever i started up a game. Sometimes itd be 10 min and somtimes 2 hours into the session this would occur frequently. I searched for remedies that could cause these issues.

I replaced my 750g1 evga psu with a 650 one (more than enough power) and i reapplied thermal grease on the heatsink in the gpu. It worked out well for a couple of days and I now again face similar but different problems.

The gpu would do the same thing while gaming, but give me 100% fan speed the no signal issue. I used msi afterburner and there arent really any instances of my gpu over heating past 60 degrees. Are there any other things that i should be aware of that are worth trying?

Cpu 4690k i5
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