windows automatic repair loop> Now black screen and no usb power?

I came home today and turned on my computer to find that i have had the problem where Windows 10 was stuck in the repair loop, I tried afew things in cmd to fix it but nothing. One of the suggestions was to remove RAM and turn back on. I removed my Single 8Gig of dd4 and went to turn back on. all the fans and hard drives start to spin and the lights come on my GPU but now i have a black screen and no power to any usb connections.

I have tried the onboard GPU and still nothing and all the differnt ram slots. My PC has workd for 7 months since i built it so i know all the connections are fine.

Now when i turn it on it starts for 1-2 seconds turns off for 1-2 seconds then starts up?

CPU INTEL i5 -7400 3ghz
MOBO: AsROCK B250M Pro 4
RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR4 2113
PSU: Thermaltake 600W
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