Changing SSD within a laptop - choosing between 960 pro or sm961

Hey guys,

So i recently just bought a brand new Lenovo Yoga 720-52 15" 2-in-1 Laptop - Silver
It runs pretty smoothly, but it has a 256 gb PM961 SSD, which for me personally is too little storage to have on a laptop.

Now i am considering removing it and replacing it with either the 512gb samsung 960 pro or the 512gb Samsung SM961.

I have a couple of questions,

1. What are the main differences between the pm961 256gb, sm961 512 gb and 960 pro 512gb versions? and which SSD is the best from the 3 listed above?

2. Apart from the storage difference of the PM961, will i see a whole lot of difference, or will it be minimal if i were to upgrade the SSD?

Sorry for being abit of a noob but better to ask!

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