Cool Whine from the PSU itself

Ok so recently I replaced my old PSU with a Corsair RM750i and as far as power goes,it’s working perfectly.However when approaching my ear to the PSU I could notice a slight coil whine(even when the PC is completely off,as long as it’s connected to the wall).
The thing is I’ve seen a ton of threads from people complaining about this and RMaing only to get one with the same problem or worse.
The whine on my PSU doesn’t seem to be affected by load and I can only hear it if I place my ear near the back of the PSU(where the on/off switch is),even on the side I hear nothing,I just know it’s there.
So I wanted to ask all of you who have Corsair or other quality brand PSU what are the odds of getting a 0 whine unit.

P.S:could the power cable be the cause for the whine? We use 230V where I live and I’m using an old 10A 250V cable I had around.
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  1. A few years back I had this issue with a brand new ACBEL R9 PSU, was lazy to RMA it and kept using till about 2 years later when there was loud POP and my PSU went dead. RMA that and got a new replacement which had zero whine.

    So I guess its your luck.

    P.S. that coil whine will also happen in 5.1 or 2.1 speakers where you have a large toroidal transformer in the subwoofer.
  2. Contact customer support, they are nice!
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