NZXT Manta Fan hub problem

Hi people,
recently I bought a new motherboard - Asus Rog Maximus VI Impact and ever since then, my fans seems to malfunction.
I connected my fan hub 4pin to the CPU_FAN 4 pin, Then connected the CPU cooler to the 4pin slot on the fan hub. Then I connected all of my 4 NZXT 3pin fans to the fan hub.

My CPU cooler works but none of the others rotate. I've read tons of similiar topics but they all manage to make the fans rotating at 100% but mine are like dead. Sometimes eventually they start working.
I also tried to connect the CPU cooler to the CPU_FAN and the hub to CHA_FAN, again only CPU cooler works.
Interestingly enough if I connect just one of the fans to the CHA_fan it starts working.

Again, this happend since I bought the new motherboard, before that I used ASUS H81I-plus and all worked well.
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  1. This sounds like you have not connected the power lead to the Hub. The Manta case includes one cable set with a 4-pin Molex male connector on one end to plug into a Molex power output from the PSU. That that cable set has TWO output groups One goes to the LED control switch. The other must plug into the power input connector at the middle of one end of the Hub. This is the source of all power to your fans on the Hub. Without it, those 3-pin fan ports of the Hub can't supply enough power to the case fans.

    Check one other thing. The Hub really should be plugged into the mobo CPU_FAN header. In BIOS Setup, check the configuration of that header. It MUST be using PWM Mode, not DC Mode or Voltage Control Mode.
  2. The hub is connected with the molex. As I said, the 4 pin on the hub works 100% of the time, the others turn on randomly after a while. First I thought they turn on when the CPU reaches certain temperature and since my CPU is kind of fu***d it easily reaches 80-85 degrees and hold it there but they dont turn on always at that moment.

    I tried everything in the Bios, nothing seems to work.
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    You might try changing the control curve of the CPU fan header. It is possible that the CPU cooling demand is low enough that the signal causes the Hub to send out to those 3-pin fans voltages that are too low for them to start up. See your manual on p. 3-45. Try setting the CPU Q-Fan Control to Manual. Then go to the last item, CPU Fan Min. Duty cycle. Its default value is 40%. Try setting that higher, to 50% or 60%. Keep the other manual settings at their default values. Remember to SAVE and EXIT to save these settings and reboot. Now see if those 3-pin case fans run properly.
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