No output from gtx 1080ti

I did something today that I really can’t figure out what is wrong.
My build:
I7 8700k
GTX 1080ti
Thermaltake 850w 80+gold
Coolermaster H500P
Stock Cooler.
SO essentially, today I received the nzxt hue+ and a pcie extension card to vertically mount my gpu. Pressing the power button, I can tell my computer turns on, my keyboard loads it’s profile, hue+ works, fans spin and light up but I get no video output. So I tried putting it back directly on the motherboard, nothing. Took out and reseated and took out again, no output. Unplugged and plugged in all my power cables, nothing. If I completely remove my graphics card and plug in to the motherboard, it boots with onboard graphics just fine. I really don’t want to take this in to memory express again. Any and all ideas are appreciated. What have I done?
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