PC wont run unless on high performance mode or increased voltage.

Hey guys,
Here are my specs:

Long story short, i overclocked the pc. It was unstable. I reset the default bios settings but upon start up i get bsod cycle or it just would reset on the bios logo.

The only way to get it to start up and reach windows is if i turn on high performance mode or increase the voltage.

I tried switching psu's
Switched mobos
Started the system without any peripherals
Tried switching rams
Reinstalled windows
Performed cpu, memory tests
Did sfc scan

Out of options here,

Any help?

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  1. Quote:
    I tried switching psu's
    Which PSU do you get? Is it green_white color label or the black_white one? because the green_white one is not good.
    Tried switching rams
    because you said you oced the PC, you should get the 3200mhz RAM instead of the 2133mhz.

    Also you may read the oc guides, and try again.
  2. Best answer
    By "reset default bios settings" you tried using the CMOS clear button (CMOS_SW) on the motherboard right? Try that with the PC unplugged from the power cord first, if you haven't already. The CMOS_SW should be around the top right side of the RAM slots towards the top right corner of the motherboard.
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