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hello~! its my first post here..I have an older system and Id like to upgrade it to a ryzen build. I currently have the ryzen 3 1200 and gigabyte A320M-DS2 Motherboard. Id like to ask if the motherboard is compatible with my recently purchased 2x4 4gb 2400 mhz crucial ballistic sport memory with the Code BLS4G4D240FSB. bought these 3 month old sticks at a reasonable offer and i was wondering if they would work with my planned build
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    Hi mystrymn118 :)

    A slight typo error and I assume you mean 2x4 8GB at 2400MHz
    Crucial BLS4G4D240FSB are a tested kit and listed on the MB QVL so should work without issue.
  2. thank you MeanMachine41..thats a great thing to of the moment i making backups and downloading drivers as we speak
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