Smoking coming from CPU area yet no burn marks on cpu or board

My computer has been awfully unstable even after the rma of my graphics card (asus strix gtx 1080ti) it would stop working for no reason. Sometimes nothjng would display even if I plugged my display into my motherboard. Today I was having such an issue of even the motherboard not displaying anything. I checked the cables on my pc turned it on and smoke began coming from the cpu area. There’s no marks on my cpu or motherboard yet my cooler was acting strangely and it’s also in that area. It’s an nzxt kraken x62. The lights appeared dim and changing colors on it something that doesn’t happen by default on startup. I dismantled my whole pc but I can’t see anything. Should I rma the board or test it agian. I’m afraid to test it because I don’t want to lose any components that I haven’t lost already
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  1. Motherboard asus strix z270e
    Ram 2x8 gigs of trident z
    Power supply Corsair 750i
    Cpu i7-7700k
    Cooler kraken x62
    Gpu asus strix 1080ti
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    I am sorry for loss. I know it wont cheer you up, but it reminded me this
    Yes, testing the components is highly recommended. Look for a service and save the rest of your components. If you still have warranty, connect the motherboard manufacturer! emphasise that you had no leak and used the parts as intended.
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