Does change my CPU cooler can reduce cpu usage

Hi i have the intel stock cooler, when playing rainbow six siege my cpu is always on 100% usage and i want to know if buying an other cooler can reduce the cpu usage
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  1. Not Much, Using a Stock Cooler Wouldnt give that much Difference.
    About your cpu usage-What Graphic Card and Processor do You Use?
    I Assume there is a Bottleneck!
  2. I think it breaks down to the fact, that the game is cpu intensive. If you keep your temperatures under 80°C, you are good. If you want to make your PC more silent or give it a bit of overclock a beefier cooler can help. As for CPU utilisation, it won´t change much.
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    A cpu cooler will only help with cooling you cpu. It'll help with keeping the temperature in a safe range while you are using apps or games which requires a lot of cpu power. the reason why the cpu is at 100% is probably because the game is very cpu intensive - meaning it uses a lot of cpu processing power to render the game. Some games are cpu intensive and some of gpu intensive. it's not a bad thing if it's at 100%. however this could indicate a bottleneck in the system. There's tons of good videos on youtube on bottleneck.
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