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Recently the internet companies in my area have been battling by raising the base speed they offer now to 100 Mbps. Even though my net is 100 Mbps when running speed tests I was getting 50-60 max.. this was over WiFi so I went and bought some Ethernet cat6 cables and a powerline adapter even though the router is maybe 20 feet away and still all I got was 50-60 being wired with the adapters rated for 1000 Mbps.. decide to hook straight into the Modem and boom I get 115 Mbps down with the adapter directly connected but once I use one of the Ethernet ports on the router(cisco e2500 dual band) or the routers wifi it shoots back down to that 50ish range even though it's supposedly capable of 350/350 Mbps. I'm wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong to limit the net or if I need a new router? If I get a new router how can I tell if it'll be capable of handling proper speeds with misleading claims like 350/350 which is maybe just if you combined all ports etc?
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    The Linksys/Cisco users's manual for the E2500 says it only has 100Mbit wired port -- That is why you can't get your 100Mbit performance. You will have to get a new router. The AC1900 routers are a good compromise between performance and price. Something like a Netgear R7000 or an Asus RT-AC68U.
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