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I have a gtx 1050, ryzen 1300x, and 8gb of ram. I've been addicted to fortnite for the last few weeks, and it runs like a dream...unless it doesn't. sometimes I'll just be running along in an unpopulated area, and for about 1/2 a second the games really lags sometimes 2 fps. It's not unplayable or anything... just a bit annoying. This all said, I wonder if it's my internet because my Wi-Fi card is an old laptop, connected by Ethernet to my pc. It usually works fine, I just want to make sure there's not a big issue for the long run (:

Settings: Mostly high with shadows medium, and view distance epic... 1080p.
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  1. it could also be the game I sometimes get that same problem and my buddy's do to the game is still new ish so it could just be the game and or your internet.
  2. Is their screen tearing involved? Do you notice other characters and NPC's still moving when the screen is frozen?. I'd probably start by running the in-game console with MSI Afterburner and monitoring the clock speed of the GPU and CPU. Monitor power levels as well.
  3. Its probably fortnite. Its a brand new game and even though its already pretty good optimitzed, there still could be some short frame drops.
  4. It's likely my internet, plus fortnite being brand new.... Considering my PC does 60 fps 99 percent of the time, and than just drops. Ryzen 3 is plenty for the 1050, so shouldn't be an issue.
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