USB Ports Dont Work ?

Soo I built a new PC and something odd just happened that never did before, My mouse and Keyboard were working fine then I decided to do the update on the USB ports so i can use USB 3.0 on my motherboard then suddenly they stopped working, all usb ports stopped working, it works fine in the BIOS and before the windows startup but I couldnt do anything even went inside the BIOS settings and looked at the USB options but still couldnt make them move, I also tried Safe mode Nothing !, so i had to clean install the windows again now I dont wanna do the USB update again but I am only stuck with 2 ports and they are not even 3.0 anny suggestions on what I can do in order to update my USB software and actualy be able to move XD, my MOBO has a PS2 connector but I dont have a handy PS2 mouse

Also while I am here My mouse middle scroll button doesnt wanna scroll up or down and Yes I tried different mouse still nothing and tried them both on another PC and they worked, these things are Making me go Crazy !!!

Motherboard - MSI Z370
OS - Win 7
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  1. Could be because youre using Win7. Win7 doesnt natively support USB 3

    You may have to use this to inject USB 3 drivers into a Win7 ISO

    The other prob will be once you install the windows updates, you wont be able to get updates.

    Unless you get them manually
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