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Hello i have a issue. I have a crosair i110h cpu liquid cooler on my crosshair vi but for some reason im in the bios and it says im on cpu temp of 60c is this normal?
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  1. While in BIOS, CPU is not exactly on idle and power saving settings are not applied yet. You need to check temps while in OS on idle and even more so under full load.
  2. Thanks for the reply but what i dont understand is why 60c in general isnt it a bit hot for bios on a liquid cooler? Or do u feel its normal till i get to the os.
  3. As I said. temps while dwelling in BIOS are not important because all settings are not applied until you leave it and go to OS or whatever. Your pump and/or fans may speed up and cool better(or worse) while in full operation.
  4. Thanks a bunch. I cant manage to get a boot to windows. I finaly got into windows tge otger day but because the old hdd is installed on tge old mb everything us a mess. I cant wait fir the new ssd ill install windows and be able to hopfuly load with no issue. Problem is i had windows 7 and it gave ne a free upgrade to 10 but on the new mb and ssd i dont kniw if they are still doing that
  5. If you already updated to W10, it should get Digital lincense you can transfer on new MB, that's only part that matters.
  6. How do i get the number should i just put the number of windows 7
  7. Yes if that W7 is retail but if you already upgraded from W7 you shouldn't need any.
  8. But when it went to w8ndows it asked me to activate 10 but i need a serial number so im not h9ome now but when i get home i was wondering if i would put retail windows 7 serial in for windows 10
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    W10 has different licensing policy, once you install it new or upgraded from W 7 or 8, license is stored at their server as "Digital license" which gets picked up and activated on new device as soon as you sign in. It helps if you have MS account. You can skip entering license during installation and enter it later if needed.
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