I cant get any audio from the front audio jack of my computer? Gigabtye GA-970A-UD3P

Hi, i been using my computer from around 4 years no rpoblems with audio, but today i tought that maybe i should get the drivers from my motherboard specific the via hd audio. So i went to the motherbpoard page and downloaded the intaller and installed them, then it asked me for a restart. When i restarted it asked me to open the via manager but the app told me it cant open cuz it was for win32 even tho on the motherboard page i choosed win64. Thats when i noticed i had no audio, so i decided to unistall the divers, restarted and still no sound. Tried the windows troubleshoot and reintalled the divers apperntly i dunno what windows did but asked me to restart. Still no audio, did all that again still no luck. So at this moment i was thinkin of reintalling my os but then i connected the cable to the green jack of the back of the pc and the audio worked. I dont know what to do? have i made a mess with my dirvers? should i reinstall windows? help the audio cable from the hyperx is no that long to be comfortable with it connected to the back lol
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    Generally the green audio port is the one used for sound output to 2.1 speaker setups and headphones. So you can get sound with the green one in the back but not with the front ones? Try plugging into the front ones and giving it up to 10 seconds to detect your headphones/speakers.

    You can also remap the ports although it should be using output/green ones in the front of the case.

    A headphone extender would also work but I would remove and reinstall all audio drivers before spending any money. Windows reinstall shouldn't be necessary.
  2. How do i reinstall the drivers? My headphones are the hypex 2 so everything works as normal with the dongle even some crackling noises went away i dunno what is going on.
  3. You download them from:

    and then run installer. Make sure you pick the right audio driver for your OS.
  4. Yeah everything was working fine until i downloaded the drivers from there. Funny thing the front panel that appeared as (headphones via hd audio) doesnt appear anymore on windows but the back (speakers via hd audio) still appears and works fine. So yeah idk whats going on, should i reintall from the page you sent me? or what else can i do?
  5. I would completely uninstall all audio drivers with add and remove programs, restart the PC, and reinstall them from that page. I would also check to see if the front panel headers are connected to the motherboard properly.
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