Intel 7700k Integrated Graphics Issue Intermittent Black Screen SIGNAL LOSS.

I have an I7 7700k and an MSI Gaming M7 Z270 motherboard. I ran the pc with a 1080 for about a year then sold it recently. The monitor and computer functioned perfectly. I went to use the integrated graphics and they would not work. The monitor (Asus 1440p) would get a signal, but only for seconds at a time. Sometimes I could get into the bios and once I was in the bios it seemed to work fine. I played with all the graphical setting and it did not help. I cleared the CMOS, didn't help. Reset the pc, didn't help. I actually made it into windows for a solid 10 minutes and installed all the cpu drivers and whatnot, then it went black and lost signal. When i start it it makes it to the lock screen and shows for about 3 seconds goes black, comes back on, goes black, and does it randomly until the monitor looses signal. All cables are correctly fastened, new 850 watt supernova, not overheating. Is there anything I can do? Is the issue coming from the Motherboard or processor? The pc ran fine with the gtx 1080. so the processor works not running the graphics. Should I RMA the board or am I missing something?
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