Iis 69c at full load on my cpu good or bad plz help

I was wounder if i Should over clock my cpu and i f it was at a safe temp.
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  1. 69C under full load a decent temp, if your already overclocked. If not then you may want to think twice or at the very least watch your temps close if you do OC. 80C IMHO is the hottest you want an OC'd CPU to get. Some might even argue 75C should be the limit while others think anything south of 90C is OK. My OC never breaks over 70C.
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  2. Your temps will go up when you overclock. If you are at 70c full load then it sounds like you are using a stock cooler. I don't recommend overclocking much until you have an aftermarket CPU cooler; either a big air cooler or a 240mm/380mm liquid cooler.
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