Under 60 FPS when recording video games in windows 10

Hello, i've got this problem since I started to use windows 10. I installed windows 10, steam, drivers & updates and 4 different programs to record cs go. Ok, in fraps, obs, xsplit (for streaming), bandicam, when i'm trying to record cs:go or lol or other game my frame drop under 60 fps in game, average 35 - 45 fps. If i want to record with action my video drops after recording. Single program who works is shadow play... but when i want to stream i cant because i've got this problem, i disabled gamedvr and others from regedit and services, but i cant find a solution.... in windows 8 / 8.1 and 7 all works fine, except 10 fps difference because in windows 10 games is smoothly but in other windows is with max 10 - 15 less. Now i have 1050 ti 4 gb from gigabyte but this was same with my oldest video card gt 630 and gt 220.. i've 8 gb ram ddr3 1333 mhz 1 tb hdd and amd athlon x4 740 quad core 3.2 turbo 3.7 (in system 3.5) with 2 modules (2 cores 4 threads even processor is quad core), someone can help me?

EDIT: my cpu usage is 30 - 60%, 70% when i'm recording and in system or normal playing under 10% and under 50%
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    Your Combo is Ok for FullHD gaming for CS Go (a game that does not demand that much), but just barely - others are already complaining, with faster CPUs.
    I also think your machine does not have problems that can be solved like that, it is basically running as expected (i have two machines of similar strength for LAN-parties).
    Your CPU is bottlenecking (and you suspect that already yourself, right?), so you might consider getting a FM2+ CPU with 4GHz +
    Helpful for streaming/fraps/recording would be, if you had an SSD, and at least 4GB (better: 8GB) MORE RAM (--> 12 or 16GB).

    I know: All of this costs money. Upgrading that machine in all aspects (CPU, RAM, SSD) is perhaps not worth it, even if it would help, as your platform is ageing anyway. Getting a cheap, used, X4 with 4GHz+ is all i would recommend at the moment. Start putting money aside, so that in about two years you can afford an affordable combo of Ryzen/DDR4/Mobo/SSD or Corei3/DDR4/MoBo/SSD. Your GPU is ok for the game you play, even if you upgrade your platform.
  2. @ragnar-gd, u're right and u approved me, the solution si to change my processor, i think to get AMD Godavari, A10-7890K Black Edition 4.1GHz Wraith Cooler on 2133 ram because i don't want to change my motherboard and memory. i think.. i didn't find something to do with windows 10 on my processor, so i will work on windows 7 ultil i'l get enought money to get a new upgrade.
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