Are these External Hard drive speeds acceptable?

I've recently had my hard drive scanned using this program as it was moving files at a rate of 40mbps at average. it did peak at 140 in the beginning but began to fall after more files were moved. It also had some issues when it was plugged into the pc and it would freeze any device, laptop/tablet/computer. I've recently formatted it and for now the issue is gone.

This is the hard drive.

I was wondering if I should do the RMA or not?
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  1. rgd1101 said:

    I tried this before but the drive for some reason wasn't detected. I think it may be due to it being encrypted with Veracrypt

    Ok nevermind, i've done the test and it says pass?
    Are these read and write times generic for the type of Ex hard drive
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  2. read/write is fine for ext hdd.
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  3. The disk you're moving the files from might be slow and or fragmented (HDD only). Have you test that one?
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