Can my All-in-one PC be be upgraded for better gaming? PLEASE HELP

I need help with my All-in-one PC. I want to upgrade it for gaming, but not too sure what I need, or how. Any help? Posting a link to something to help me would be great too.

MODEL 3263


21.5' full HD touch display
Intel Pentium 4405u processor @ 2.10GHz 2.11 GHz
4gb memory
1tb hard drive
Integrated Intel HD graphics
64-bit OS
Windows 10

That is basically all I know about it. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out.
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  1. AIO PCs are not suitable for upgrading.
  2. About the only thing you can change in an AIO is change the drive or add more memory. There's no way to add a graphics card for gaming.
  3. So, there are no ways to upgrade it? I paid over $500 just to find out that it isn't very good for gaming.
  4. You learned a good lesson - do your research first, then buy.
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