Front panel connector pin outs.

Hi. I have a "Sun Ultra 27 Workstation" with a motherboard which has a serial number of "375-3610-01". I recently installed this board in a new case. I cannot find the front panel connector pin outs anywhere online! The original front panel plug only had "power switch" and "power led". I figured out the power switch....but I do not know where to connect the "HDD LED" or "Reset Switch". I don't want to "trial and error" in case I short something. Any help with this would be much appreciated!! Thanks.
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  1. Can you take picture of the pins, because i've found manual but not sure if is it.
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  2. Robert Ban said:
    Can you take picture of the pins, because i've found manual but not sure if is it.

    Yes. I will post a picture tomorrow. Thanks for the reply.
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  3. Here is a picture of the mobo I have. The front panel connector is the one at the lower right. Thanks.
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  4. Do you have orignal Sun Ultra 27 case? If not then i would buy cheap multimeter and stick ground into psu ground wire and then see which voltage does come out.

    Well i meant you physically take picture where the pins are, the quality of image is low when they upload to Google.
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  5. Thanks for the replies. What voltage should be on the following?


    Is it possible for you to send me the link to the manual you located?
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  6. HDD led wouold be between 3.3V and 5V (it really depends)
    The manual doesn't have any info...
    About the reset switch if you keep multimeter on voltage i think you could trigger restart by itself.
    Sorry i couldn't find anything.
    This is the picture 8.8MB i sharpened it as much as i could.
    You still didn't answer me, original case or aftermarket?
    Well i guess last option is to call them right?
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  7. I/O cable (J12)

    The I/O board assembly sits beneath the DVD drive and contains the power switch, Power LED, and external connectors for the front panel. You may want to Replace the I/O Board Assembly.
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  8. Calvin7 said:
    I/O cable (J12)

    The I/O board assembly sits beneath the DVD drive and contains the power switch, Power LED, and external connectors for the front panel. You may want to Replace the I/O Board Assembly.

    He didn't respond me does he has original case or not, i bet he does have aftermarket soo that's why he asked for pinout.
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  9. Sorry for the delay. I do have the original SUN case. But all the was connected to the front panel connector on the motherboard was the "power switch" and "power LED". There was no connectors for " HDD LED" or "Reset switch" The original case does not have a reset button or an LED for HDD. I now have this board installed in an aftermarket case that does have a reset Switch and HDD LED. Thanks for the replies!
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  10. Then leave the HDD Led aside, and reset switch.
    I Really don't know, if others don't try on linustechtips or Reddit, they might be able to help you.

    Good luck.
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  11. OK...thanks for your help!
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  12. Okay i've got my test rig here, soo ill test out tomorrow if reset can be triggered by probing voltage with multimeter, and for led activity.
    Ill put detailed and take some pictures if you wanna still add up.
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  13. Sounds good. I probed the connector yesterday and it looks like there is no reset or HDD LED available on this connector. Perhaps it's where it is a server motherboard? Please let me know if you come to the same conclusion. Thanks again!!!
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  14. First download HD Tune (its free trial).
    Second you need one sacrificial front speaker,
    you have to squash the contacts here (the red circles) and pull out, if it doesn't wanna come out press a bit harder, and if still doesn't wanna pull by force just make sure that contacts stay on!

    to be like this

    and now stick the BLACK wire into any GROUND - if its avalilable, if not then remove power switch and stick into his GROUND - .
    Now the TRICKY PART!

    With RED YOU probe As HD TUNE IS RUNNING if you hit RED 2 pins together with red it will short out soo be carefull!

    Patience is key!

    Now i've uploaded file to Mega drive as YouTube is slow as heck for some reason?!EG5nkKYA!IwIhHZkn8nSA440G8-MM07aOZXz0pcbQxOE5px2boh4
    In this file you will hear how it reacts as you benchmark read speed of your HDD and speaker will provide sound.
    If you short out the reset (+) it will simply restart and you will know which are for what :)

    If you don't wanna risk then don't.
    Just calm hands can you help and if you bring motherboard outside of case it will be even easier for you.
    As you see in picture my test rig is on motherboard mounting which i ripped from old case as "Test Bench".

    I wont judge you if you don't wanna try.
    I hope this helps you understand.

    My multimeter theory was wrong.
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  15. Thank you very much for the work you put into this! Once I find the HDD activity by hearing the speaker I just plug my HDD LED connector to those two pins?
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  16. After you find the + one of HDD led activity, then you must find the ground of the HD LED Activity with multimeter, stick it into ground of molex connector, and probe the closest one of the + of led activity

    ? ? ?
    ? + ?

    For example + is activity which you found, now you have to probe which one is negative - . (It should give you 0 volts with multimeter).

    Usually the connectors are + - - + - - + as you may see in picture.

    Don't worry i didn't waste my 2 hours for this, only 15min.
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