RAM wasn't installed properly

I took out my RAM and reinstalled it to see if it had dust and i didnt click it in propey and my PC would turn off in 4 seconds when i opened it and restart so i waited for 12 hours and tried again and it was powering up but there was no HDMI signal so them i opened up again to see motherboard and fixed the unclicked ram and so is the RAM damaged?
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    Did you check there were no obstructions in the RAM slots before you re-seated them? I've rectified several build issues by removing and blowing out RAM slots in the past - it seems they're particularly sensitive to any dirt or debris getting in there (I even had a PC fail to post because an eyelash blocked a pin on an old laptop), and a poor connection can give you all sorts of weird & wacky errors.

    Something like a DSLR dust blower is ideal for this.

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