Desktop wont boot with wifi card/usb adapter installed

Okay so I did some testing regarding my wireless problem. Having just my ssd plugged in makes my compuer boot with my wifi card, i have tested all sata plugins and cables. But the second I plug in any of my HDDs my comp wont boot with the wifi card in. Same with a usb adapter. Comp will boot fine with my hard drives in, but when i plug in the wifi adapter screen goes black and pc freezes. Every driver is installed, every windows update, bios is the latest version.


Z97 Gaming 5.
EVGA 750w PSU.
Intel I5 4690.
MSI GTX 970 4gb
1x Kingston SSD 120gb
1x WD 2tb HDD5400rpm
1x WD 1tb HDD 5400rpm

Have tried multiple PCIe wifi cards, and multiple usb wifi adapters. LAN works fine however.
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