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Hi Guys! I have a problem since last year that i thought it was my cpu bottleneck but mi friend has te same pc as mines and CAN keep 60fps in games, in my pc thats quite impossible even in 1080p. I've been playing at 4K at 30fps and didn't notice this too much but then i try to play at 1440p and keeping 60fps becomes impossible. Also i realize that in the task manager my processor say that i have 164 processes open so i thought that this could be one of the problems.
Thank you guys!
I have a GTX 1070 FE, i5 4440 3.1ghz and 8gb ram at 1600mhz
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    There is a lot of information here that is not going to be helpful for you. The main one is expecting to have the same performance as another PC. It is very unlikely both your PCs use identical parts and it's even less likely you have the same OS version, patches, drivers, software, or possibly malware. So forget about the friend's PC.

    So start from the beginning. Go download a program called HWinfo because that is going to give you more information to work with. The goal here is to find your bottleneck. Close any programs you have open. Click sensors in HWInfo.

    Wait a few seconds and then look at "Total CPU Usage" Current and record what it is roughly. Then from the next section give your CPU package current temp max.

    Then load up a game and record the in game max CPU temp. Then keep an eye on max CPU usage. Look for spikes to 100%.

    If your CPU isn't hitting 100% usage and it's temps are fine , your CPU isn't the issue.
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