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Hi folks. I've recently built an all-new PC for work and gaming, and was looking to turn my old machine into an HTPC, since it has little resale value if any. I'm hoping you could give me some advice on compact & discreet/plain looking cases that can lay on their side, so I can keep the machine in a TV cabinet.

It's an Asus P5Q-E full ATX board with a Q8400 CPU. There's no onboard GPU, so I'll also be fitting a bare bones PCIe card with a HDMI output. I'll probably mount the GC on it's side with a PCIe extension ribbon to save space, and use low profile passive CPU cooler & rely on just a case fan or two for cooling.

I'll only be running Plex for 1080p transcoding (locally and remote), to no more than one device at a time. I'll probably using a non Windows OS, so I think it'll have enough performance spare for me to even underclock the CPU a little and save power.
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  1. Ok, so since posting I've found this which looks pretty decent, if a little tall perhaps.

    Does anyone know of something similar that's a little shorter, or has case fans at the front instead of the sides?
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    There are plenty of HTPC cases that can support ATX MoBo, e.g APEVIA X-Master (comes in 4 additional colors besides black),

    But since choosing a PC case is completely a personal choice, here's full list of such cases that meet your two criteria,
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