One ram socket stopping my PC posting.

I am very confused. I recently got a new m.2 SSD and installed it into my system however my now the second ram slot is not reconising the ram and giving me a DRAM not detected or failed LED.

I tried booting the PC with one RAM stick and the system always booted. But with two it gave me the same error.

So, i decided to turn on my computer with one stick plugged in and install the other while its running.

It worked in a weird way. I use the program Speccy to see all system info and it now shows two sticks of ram 8gb each. So the motherboard is reconising the ram just not booting with it.

Help. why is this happening.

BTW windows still shows 8GB ram. but i can see 16 on speccy.
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  1. First: never install any components into running machine, you could fry motherboard that way.
    Second: clearly one of your sticks is faulty OR one of the slots on motherboard is faulty. It may be coincidence that it happened when installing m.2 drive.
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  2. I just fixed it. I removed my CPU and Cleaned it with microfabic cloth. Some thermal paste had leaked onto the CPUs connector however not on the socket. I cleaned everything around it as well just to be sure. But thank you for helping my fix was simple luckly.

    I guess when i removed my cooler for my CPU and cleaned it all, some paste leaked on the bottom of the CPU.
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