ASRock B250M-HDV LGA1151 Boot screen options

Build 2 system with ASRock B250M-HDV LGA1151. Both on Windows 10 Pro. Shipped to another city. Cant access them now, and there a little problem from customer. He call me today, and told one unit boot directly to OS without any delays, second one stop at option screen with ASrock logo and keys at lover right corner.
Press F2 or delete to run UEFI Setup
Press F6 For instant Flash
Press F11 for Boot menu
Press Tab to switch screen
Honestly i believe both units was boot directly to OS, after installing Windows... But that what he ask me if i can disable option screen on second one and unit boot straight to OS on power up. Need advise how to skip option screen. I not really familiar with ASrock MBs... It may simple settings in BIOS, etc..Plz. Thank you in advance.
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    In the UEFI under "Tool" you can Enable/Disable the "Boot Manager". If disabled, the machine will not look for any DVD or flash drive before going straight to the operating system.
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