Monitor Loses Signal during game play

I've seen similar posts and none of the solutions seem to help with my issue. So during game play, such StarCraft 2, after 10 minutes screen goes black, and says no signal. Computer, however, is running sound, caps lock work(motherboard test), I have to do manual restart to get screen back. Idle Temp as of now is 32C, with 0% load. I've had this problem for a while and slowly started replacing pieces that needed it. I had to replace liquid cooling unit, because last unit pump went out, and computer would shutdown quite quickly, not sure if GPU ever got overheated during those startups.
I am slightly worried that it is the graphics card. My computer has newer and older hardware, I just recently installed a new SSD and Windows 10, with new drivers. In the past year I have replaced Liquid Cooling Unit, Motherboard, Fans, SSD, PSU.

AMD FX-8150 @ 4.20GHz
RAM 16GB installed (i actually have 32GB but Windows, nor motherboard see all 4 sticks, maybe that is relevant, not sure)
Windows 10 Pro, 64 Bit
Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2, 80+ GOLD 850W, Fully Modular, EVGA ECO Mode
MSI 970 GAMING DDR3 2133 ATX AMD Motherboard
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series (I think its 7870) 2GB, GDDR5

if any other info is needed, please let me know, been quite frustrating issue.
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    Don't nail me for it, but it *may* be a driver issue. Try an older driver first.
    After that, yes, ageing hardware may be a reason.
    There is no easy way for finding out, only the dreaded "exchange with spare parts one after the other", starting with the GPU.
    See in system logs, if there is any indication.
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