PC built 2 years ago, started dying 2 weeks ago

My issue started 2 weeks ago. I booted up my PC after it being off for a while, loaded up a previously used program and my PC froze. I powered it off and then On, this time I didn't open up the program but it froze again while browsing. After this, the computer wouldn't even display POST (maybe 10 seconds) before shutting down by itself.

I didn't feel like dealing with it then so I just powered it down. Cut to yesterday I took out all 4 memory sticks and only seated two of them. Then the PC booted up no issue. Made it into windows about 20 mins before it froze again. Then I rebooted and made it 10 mins before it froze. Then the same problem, seems to shut down automatically before POST. I tried the other 2 memory sticks and had the same thing happen.

At this point I think my motherboard or cpu is bad. I've tried opening a windows repair usb, which also froze. I flashed the bios from the ASUS flash button with another usb stick, still have the same issues. Is there anything else it could be? I'm just wondering if there is any solution that doesn't cost me much.
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    It sounds like it could be temperature related as it seems to shut down faster the more you run it. Check your temps. Check your CPU cooler. Make sure it's not loose.

    And as long as you're in the case doing that....I would re-seat everything. I have resolved lots of problems by just re-seating things.
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