Pentium to i3 Issue?

I Recently upgraded From Pentium g2020 to i3 3220. I Turned on the System ,it worked fine and bit fast Too but when i ran games with it, Then it performed worse than my previous cpu. In far cry 3 i got 45 fps on very high but now i am barely getting 30fps.

Processor-i3 3220
Gpu-gtx 1050
Psu-250W -Quality One
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  1. One key bit of information you left out is your motherboard make and model. You might need a bios update. Also, I'd check the clockspeeds and temperatures while running your games. You want to make sure your i3 is operating as fast as it is supposed to be(3.3hhz) and is not running too hot. It's possible that when you switched CPUs the heatsink/fan wasn't installed properly and the CPU is therefore not operating at full capacity.

    edit: You can use MSI Afterburner to check clockspeeds and temperatures
  2. I Remembered that when i installed the new cpu there was some dry thermal paste on the cpu socket on motherboard, Does it matters much, Cause it was somewhere there when i picked put my pentium from it? And the cpu usage was at 25% at idle!!
  3. Whoa, back up there. How was there thermal paste in the socket? If there was, I'd have carefully blown it out. I have a rubber squeeze bulb that photographers use to blow dust off their lenses. I prefer that to compressed air.

    On the other issue, no your CPU should not be at 25% usage when idle. Check your processes, what is sucking up CPU resources?
  4. - Update your BIOS, then make sure Windows recognizes 4 logical cores instead of 2.

    - Ensure you are not overheating. Bad cooler installations or paste application will cause this. Check your CPU temps with Coretemp.

    - Check to see if your CPU usage is hitting 100% in games.

    - 250W PSU is not enough. Recommend replacement ASAP.
  5. My Bios is Updated i Think ,because the pentium g2020 was released later than the i3 3220.

    Note-I Didnt Even put Thermal Paste on the Cpu. So does it affect Performance then?
    I Dont have a dust blower... What should i do Now..?
    The 20% cpu usage was of google Chrome!
    Thank You
  6. If there is no thermal paste then stop using the PC until there is thermal paste. It will cause serious temperature issues and the CPU will slow itself down considerably. Over time no paste will damage the new CPU. The i3 3220 should be faster than the Pentium.
  7. Everything aside, I Noticed that my system information showing only 1 core and 2 logical cores.Msconfig also showing 2 cores instead of 4.I Looked for bios to enable all cores but ther was no setting there.. I Have a lenevo Motherboard!
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    That is something a CMOS reset may help with but if you have no thermal paste between the CPU and cooler then you have a bigger problem unless the CPU cooler had a thermal pad on it when you put it on. Check your CPU temps.
  9. Amazingly cpu temps are between 40 and 60 while gaming!! Lol
    The Cpu is Now Fixed.. Showing 2Cores 4 Threads and I Applied Thermal Paste Too.
    Thanks For Help
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