Need an opinion on purchasing 1 of these 2 gaming compters.

I will be using the computer for video editing and maybe some animations and gaming. I will have it hooked up to 3 27" wide Monitors.(not 4k or gaming monitors) and maybe to a 4k Tv.

Need you Help on deciding on these 2 Gaming Computers. Never had a gaming computer just a regular home computer. What computer would be the best fit?

16gb ram ddr4
GTX 1070 SC
256 SSD
Never Been Overclocked

It was used for 3d graphics and Software Development mainly. Never Overclocked.
The goodies:
Liquid Cooled
EVGA GTX 1080 Extreme OC edition with 8gb memory.
CPU i7 5820K with 6 cores and 12 Threads, super fast and very Overclockable.
32gb of DDR4 Quad Chanel RAM
2 x 256 SSD drives.. One is Samsung for the OS and the other one is a Crucial, for storage. Very fast read/write speeds.
Motherboard, Asrock X99 Extreme. Power Supply Corsair CX750 ...
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    Since your core usage will be video editing, the extra cores and threads of the 5820k along with the 1080 + 32gb RAM, should be beneficial for you.
    The 2nd configuration should be the way to go. It should be able to game equally good as the 1st one and will last you longer as well.
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