Microstutters/Frameskips every 2-3 seconds in every game

after digging in basically every forum thread about micro stutters/unsmooth games or frameskips without any success I decided to open my own thread since noone seems to have the same problem as me.

Important Hardware Specs:
Motherboard: Asrock Z370 Killer Sli
Cpu: Intel i7-8700k @3.7Ghz
Gpu: Gtx 970
Ram: 16GB DDR4 Crucial Ballistix Sports
128 GB SSD
Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

My problem: I happen to have some really bad sort of microstutter/Frameskip every 2-3 seconds for about 0.5s? Just a very short bump that comes every 2-3 seconds if not just randomly, it looks like my screen just jumps over a frame, in that short time (as mentioned about 0.5s) the sound also freezes, it's so short that its hard to hear that. It happens in every game I play/have played. CS:GO, TF2, PUBG, GTA5, ARK:Survival Evolved, Overwatch, the game engine basically doesn't matter it must be on my end I have it in every game, I don't have it on my desktop on windows or just on youtube. It makes it very hard to play any of these games compitetively, because when I am unlucky that short skip/microstutter comes right when I for example want to rocketjump in TF2 or just do a 1tap in CS:GO, then it will not work out at all because when that stutter comes right when I am pressing LMB to shoot I am not gonna shoot ingame. It is a pain for the eyes, and especially for your brain, because you can't even just enjoy a casual game like GTA5 because youre always scared of that stutter coming again any second. The games run smooth inbetween, and then there is that bump. My FPS don't drop and are always around 300 in TF2 and CS:GO, I don't have them capped with fps_max 300, they just lurk around that area. I tried capping them to my refresh rate(60Hz, yes that means I did fps_max 121), didn't do anything, I tried turning on Vsync, it caused screen tearing but the stutters are still there. There is nothing going on in the developer consoles such as the game trying to load a missing file everytime it stutters or something like that, everything is fine there. My hardware temperatures are fine aswell, both around 50-60 degrees. I am playing CS:GO and PUBG on low graphical settings, simply because I feel more comfortable with it, and I also give more load onto my cpu that is obviously a killer compared to my gpu, I play these both games with 300 fps as mentioned, and my cpu is still chilling around 4GHz being bored. My gpu isn't overwhelmed aswell. I tried switching these games from my HDD to my SDD, actually I still have them both on my SSD, it doesn't change anything.I tried everything with Nvidia Control Panel/Nvidia Inspector, including the Global 3D settings and the 3D settings for each game, same for Nvidia Inspector. Didnt change anything. I tried messing with the Windows Power saving manager, didnt change anything. I updated all my drivers and deinstalled the old drivers, didnt change anything(they were on the latest version anyway). I switched from DVI to HDMI a few days ago, for a moment I thought it fixed it but it didn't do anything aswell. Yes I already have start commands in my launch options, -high -threads 12 -novid -console , I tried removing -high and -threads 12 in both games, it didnt change anything. I tried disabling core 0 for both games and putting -threads 11 , it didnt change anything. None of my cores are parked, nothing is overwhelmed.

I really don't know what to do anymore, my suspicion would be that it's a network issue or something like that, since everything else seems to be fine. I don't know anything about that stuff though.
Ive read somewhere that these kind of problems can be caused by the PSU(Powersupply), I have a Corsair 650VS I believe, what I know for sure is that it has 650W. That's more than enough for my system I believe, and I wouldn't know what to do if the PSU is really the problem, or how to test that out without having to buy a new PSU just to switch and see that it might not be the problem.

I would really appreciate answers, suggestions, you don't have to post that you have the same issue as me and can't fix it, if thats the case just follow this thread and hope for the same happy end as me.

I want to apologize for my poor english, I am german.

Have a good day.
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  1. Are you using an actual PC monitor or a TV? I ask because these days 4K TV's are affordable and a lot of people(including myself) use them for their PC's. If so, check to see if there's any special video settings/filters that are turned on and try turning them off. Also, make sure VSYNC is turned off in the game's video settings.

    Is the game installed on the SSD or the HD? If it's on the HD, which HD do you have? If it's 5400rpm and the cache is low, it may cause occasional "lag" like symptoms. It's recommended to have an HD w/ 128MB cache(256 preferred).

    Do you have anything else running in the background while you are gaming? Check Task Manager & see how your CPU/GPU/MEM usage is doing. If there's anything else running that's using quite a bit, end task it(so long as it's not a required system app).
  2. I am using an Asus VE248. He is set to the default settings and I am using HDMI to connect it with my 970. Vsync is disabled in every game and also in the nvidia control panel. I have both CS:GO and TF2 on my SSD, I had them on my harddrive before and there is no difference at all. When I run TF2 my cpu usage is at ~20%, same for my GPU. Atleast when I tab out quick its going down to ~7% from around ~20%. So that can't be the issue too. Any other ideas?
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