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Hey guys!

I've had this issue for a few days now where my computer has restarted randomly while gaming. Once the fans went crazy as well and my monitors turned black but it never actually restarted like the other times.

I've tried wiping my GPU drivers with DDU after the crashes in the event log said something about Maxwell (will add pics when home), but to no avail. I monitored the temps and nothing weird there. I'm starting to think the PSU is bust but I figured I'll ask here first.

Any clue on what's going on?

GTX 980 Ti
Intel i5 4670k
16GB DDR3 ram
750W Corsair PSU
250GB Crucial SSD

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    Your system is well balanced, so no obvious error here.
    Yes, assuming a slowly failing PSU is a good start, thereafter the MoBo, and maybe (easy to find out) dying RAM.
    You'll need spare parts, and patience, to find out.
  2. Check cpu/ gpu temps also
  3. He said above he already did.
  4. ragnar-gd said:
    He said above he already did.

    Didn't notice it. PSU no.1 suspect then
  5. If you have any sort of overclock or using the XMP profile on your ram disable it for now. If that doesn't fix anything you may try loading a temporary install of Windows on an external drive or your internal hard drive. I had a similar issue and believe it to be the motherboard or PSU (which could be your case) and it turned out to be the SSD (which is very strange). Loading my OS on a different SSD fixed my issue. The old SSD still works for games, but will not be stable with an OS. If that isn't the case for you, I would suspect your motherboard over the PSU. Corsair PSU's are highly reliable, and would often shut your PC off instantly if there were any power delivery issues.
  6. @ethan: That is news with the ssd... didn't ever hear that. Can you send me a PM with the name of the SSD, just for my curiosity?

    @UncleBanana: But well... why not try the trick with that external SSD, if it does not cost money?
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