Why games are lagging despite having good specs.?

My processor: INTEL CORE i5 650 3.7 GHZ DUAL CORE
Graphics card: nvidia 710 2 gb
OS: windows 10

Still ordinary games such as that of assassin's creed(older parts.) are lagging... Can this problem be fixed or my pc will be like this for ever?
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    Be more specific. Which AC game are you referring to? Even some of the older ones will not play well on a mere GT 710, which quite frankly is not a gaming GPU. For instance AC 3, which came out over 5 years ago, requires a minimum of 8800 GT, and a GT 710 is only about 90% as powerful. Minimum requirements often mean lowest settings too.

    This is an example of how laggy a GT 710 plays AC Rogue, even on lowest settings.

    The bottom line here is a i5 650 and GT 710 don't add up to "good specs", they aren't even entry level gaming hardware really. That said, had you at least mentioned what specific game you're referring to, it would have put things in perspective. AC has been a very long running series, spanning quite a few generations of hardware.
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