Pc won't boot when ssd is plugged into

Recently I upgraded my pc new motherboard ram psu etc
When trying to out it all together I would not boot at all intill I removed the ssd after that it worked just fine keep in mind I also have an hhd also which works just fine (intill I fucked up the pins on the pcb) why would an ssd be cause this and yes it was I'm achi
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  1. When you say BOOT, do you mean to BIOS or to OS ?
  2. CountMike said:
    When you say BOOT, do you mean to BIOS or to OS ?

    I mean the pc literally will not turn on at all and it's only when that ssd is plugged into the SATA power cable
  3. Than there's definitely something wrong with it or connected wrong way. Normally they draw so little power that it's practically insignificant. If you have a modular PSU, check to see if drives connector is in right place in the PSU.
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    Some drives when bricked by a failure in the power circuit will short and your system will not turn on. It sounds like your drive has failed.
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