High End PC but low FPS in games.

I recently got a new PC which should be able to run most games. I get 40-60 FPS on CS:GO I need help!

Intel Core i5-7600 @ 3.50GHz
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
asus prime h270-plus motherboard

If someone could help me I would be grateful thanks.
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  1. I cannot see anything wrong in your combo, and yes, it should run CS:GO with more than 60fps with ease, at maximum quality.
    Watch the task-manager, to see if there is a software-side bottleneck (i.e. a process that eats RAM or CPU).
    Not very likely, but might be worth checking (its easy and for free): Your 12GB RAM configuration is not seen often, rather 8GB or 16GB - it might be worth checking if there is any misconfiguration keeping RAM-speed low (i.e. no dual-channel). See if Windows sees 12GB RAM as well. But most probably, this is ok, though, so don't invest too much time in checking that...
    Install a trusted software (ask in forums first) to check the temps on your CPU and GPU.Maybe there is something from your MoBo. Sometimes a very badly cooled (and throttling) CPU was the reason at some other persons.
  2. You do have the monitor plugged into the gpu and not the motherboard?
  3. I was watching my task manager, my GPU is capping out and my CPU is like 80-95 what do I do?
  4. More details are needed: Resolution? Detail-Settings? If the GPU is at 100%, this might still be normal behaviour, IF you did set it to maximum settings (although, frankly, i'd hardly believe this). So no other process is eating CPU, right?
  5. I have minimum settings on and 1920 x 1080 resolution. Discord is using like 10-30% is that normal?
  6. Thanks for your help but I got it figured out.
  7. nuke343 said:
    Thanks for your help but I got it figured out.

    Can you please let us know what you did to fix your problem?
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