How far can I Overclock fx-8330 without destroying

My rig atm:
Mobo: GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev.6.0)
CPU: AMD fx-8320
GPU: MSI gtx 1060 6gb
PSU: 400watt
Ram: 16gb DDR3 1600

I recently bought the new gpu and realized that it most likely is bottlenecking, but I’m wondering if I should overclock my current cpu, or buy either a fx-8370 or just put all the money in and get a new Mobo and Intel board.
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  1. I wouldnt OC on that board.
    Save up for an upgrade.
  2. With a great processor, 4.8ghz but that is probably unlikely. Just aim for whatever you can get and make sure your temps stay within safe limits. Some people use Prime95 for the testing, personally I think that is an unrealistic workload and would recommend a series of gaming and cpu benchmarks and tracking highest temp with something like HWMonitor during your series of runs.
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    Your motherboard is only just capable of running a 125w cpu at stock speeds, earlier versions actually couldn’t properly. I wouldn’t overclock but even if you do it will be small to avoid stability and throttling issues.

    Don’t throw any more money into an old FX setup, even the best FX cpu’s are outperformed but modern entry level cpu’s. Better to put money into a moder Ryzen or Intel setup.
  4. I wouldn't expect much of an overclock on a very budget motherboard. That you can run it at stock at all is a victory. But I wouldn't even try without knowing much about that PSU. The motherboard likely wouldn't cause damage with a careful overclock, simply be inadequate and unstable. But a mystery "400W" PSU? I wouldn't recommend that even with a suitable motherboard without knowing what you actually have in there. I can only think of a few PSUs at that precise wattage that I'd ever try overclocking with.
  5. About 4.2-4.5 GHz maximum all cores, at no more than 1.45V on that board.
    That board is not designed to overclock high TDP 8 core CPUs. Also use a small fan to blow atop the VRMs to cool them down.

    Do disable C6 states, APM and cool and quiet so the VRMs do not need to keep switching between voltages.
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