Suddenly FPS Drop on all games

So about 2 months ago I bought a brand new beast gaming PC 16 RAM and 1070 TI Graphics card and I started playing on it and I had like 110-130 fps on ultra settings on Fortnite but after that I traveled to another country and made sure that the PC is well protected but I have a bad internet btw in my country so I started playing again and I got like 10-20 fps on low settings and I get 4-7 fps on ultra settings?? and it makes the game unplayable! I'm so upset

Also I tried everything
-Installing the latest drivers
-Reinstalling Graphics Card

I did literary like 50 solutions like everything you can think of : (
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  1. Check the temperatures of your CPU and GPU. Transporting a system may loosen coolers on CPU or GPU, then the system gets too hot, and throttles (in old time, PCs died 'cause of that - that's better today).
    Start with reading, on some wiki, for the "correct" temps for your CPU and GPU.
    Then start with checking the CPU.
    In case that the CPU affected, re-apply thermal paste (or, let someone help you/show you who already did that), fasten cooler again.
    If the GPU is affected, you need help from a shop with a repair station, maybe the shop you bought that GPU at, I'd not risk correcting that with new hardware.
  2. Well I can't go back to the country because I have school and exams here but my GPUY and CPU aren't overheating but when I launch the game for some reasons the GPU be 100% on the task manager performance : (
  3. this is my gpu temp when the game is opened
  4. vocpgamer said: this is my gpu temp when the game is opened

    Ran antivirus/malware etc ?
  5. Yes I ran everything and malware and roguekiller and deleted the malewares and I have an anti virus programs and now I have no viruses I tried every single video on youtube and I went to the TI shop like 6 times and my PC is heavy af my hand literary broke doing this in like 4 days and I waited about a whole day outside and the guy installed for me the windows again then it didn't work and he told me that my graphics card and everything is ok then the next day he took my PC again and started downloading a software on it or something like that and now the windows says it needs an activation key I still get fps drops and I don't know how to fix it dude :( I'm tired of this I been 4 months like this
  6. Also I might have found the problem my GPU performance in task manager is 100% when I run the game?? wtf please help me : (
  7. Even malware using your PC as a "hidden" crypto-miner usually does use the CPU, using your GPU is unheard of.
    If the GPU is at 100%, it usually indicates you just set too high detail settings. But with your given hardware, this is just unlikely, and the circmstances indicate other causes. But, frankly, i'm at a loss here, sorry.
  8. I know the issue now :D my GPU fans werent working now I solved it and I have my 130-140 fps back :D
  9. Glad to hear that. Yes, such things happen.
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