Won't boot "improper device" Asrock MB Windows 10 OS

So I just transferred all the stuff I wanted to keep to a new hdd and removed my two old hdds in my pc I left my ssd which has my OS on it in. Hadn't touched it. Now that i've got everything moved over and the old hdds out and only ones left is the new hdd and the ssd w/ my OS. Now will not boot everything was working perfectly fine with all 4 storage devices in and after playing around in bios the only thing I get is "select proper boot device". I've seen a few things talking about UEFI not exactly sure what that is but when I set my stuff from Legacy to UEFI my boot disappear (Not sure if that's normal due to the OS supposedly having software to support it) Also not sure if I have the software for UEFI on my os to begin with. Also the hard drives removed had "system reserved" space on them. However the folders were empty, not sure if this helps.
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  1. What are your system specs?
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