Does NFS HP 2010 will run in my pc?

Wuddup y'all (:
I have a question: Does NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 & The Run ™ will run in my pc?
CPU: Intel Celeron G3930 (Dual Core)
GPU: Intel Graphics HD 610
SO: Win 10 Pro 64Bits
Ram: 1x4gb
Thnks (:
Sorry for bad English :/
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    That should run HP 2010 no problem, but the HD 610 will probably only run The Run on lower settings.

    Here's The Run on a HD 620 and 7200U, which is slightly better graphics and about 50% more powerful CPU, and it's lagging a bit even on Low/Medium settings.
  2. Hmm :/ even if i have to sacrifice graphics quality i'll love to play that game xD
    Thank you, Frag Maniac (: i'll try nfs hp, in future i'm thinking about buy a new cpu o/ what about this Pentium G4560?? Will work on a generic Atx 500w ???
  3. Yes of course, the G4560 will run on a 500w PSU. It's more about how much power you need for the GPU, once you get into separate graphics cards. Here's a handy chart I refer to by MSI that shows recommended PSU wattage and amperage for all GPUs. This is total recommended system power, not just power the GPU draws, and keep in mind wattage is recommended conservatively to account for a wide variety of quality and efficiency in such products. Poorly made PSUs do not put out as much amperage for a given amount of wattage, which is why you should go more by the amperage.

    As far as NFS The Run goes, it uses DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, which is why it looks so good and needs more graphics power. It would be kind of a shame to play it on lowest settings, so you may want to wait on that one until you get an actual graphics card. Unfortunately cryptocurrency mining has GPU prices and availability very bad right now, but you can get a GTX 1050 for $150 and it would easily play The Run. It also only requires a 350w, 17 amp PSU.

    Here's how good it can look in 4K 60fps. This is on a GTX 980. It's a great game, but very short. The campaign is only about 2 hrs long.
  4. Heey maan WOW Many thanks for all the information, many things I did not know, amperage, for example
    Thank you very much!!!
    On The Run be short I think in my case it will take a little longer XD, I'm too bad lol '
    About the price, here in Brazil is different this Gtx 1050 costs R$ 600.00 ($ 182.60) so this will take more time to "happen" (is like a dream to have a good pc for games here) but okay hehe' i content myself with Nfs Hp and Most Wanted 2012 (i've watched a guy playing that game in the same config in Ytb)

    Thank you man, faved this page it will be very usefull in future o/
    May i'll be back with new doubts :P TY' again o/
  5. Well, honestly, you're better off waiting due to high prices right now from the mining anyway. I was dead set on getting a 1070 Ti, which were about $470 before the mining got bad. Now they start at about $800.
  6. I've noticed GPU availability is improving now, as is price slightly. I've seen some prediction charts indicating prices may start dropping about mid March. With something as unpredictable as cryptocurrency though, you never know. The way it works though his when there's a boon, it gets flooded with miners, which in turn solves more of the complex math problems involved to get the currency, which also results in less math problems available. This makes the currency drop in value. This is why it's a volatile market, and boons only last so long.
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