Wired Xbox One Controller Not Working On Windows 10 (Specifically)

Hey there. I've got a very strange issue with my Xbox One controller I'm using on my PC's. My main rig is still running Windows 7 (hopefully forever) and recognizes both my One and 360 controllers without issue. On my laptop, however, which runs Windows 10, the One's controller light illuminates briefly before fading away. While the light is off it is still recognized as 'Xbox Controller' under device manager (same as Windows 7) but will not be recognized by games, and pressing the home button doesn't bring up Steam, as it should. Plugging it into another desktop also running WIndows 10 had the exact same result. Out of curiously, I loaded up a Windows 10 in a VM on my Windows 7 machine, and sure enough, it produced the exact same result. All of these machines recognize the 360 controller without issue. I have tried different cables, and used the cables from my main rig on the other two machines.

I have no idea what else to try here, as nobody else seems to have this issue. If anyone could provide help that would be great! Thanks!
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  1. use my xbox one controller everyday without issue on windows 10... maybe the issue is some software on your laptop.
  2. Well mate, I am still using my old XBOX 360 and my new XBOX One controllers on my Win10 PC.
    This PC was running Win7 and I upgrade it to Win10 during the Win10 free upgrade phase.
    I see no issues with any of those 2 controllers.
  3. I'm not disputing that a Xbox One controller can be used on Windows 10. I'm stating that for some odd reason I can't get mine to work on any Windows 10 machine I own, whilst the 360 controller is flawless.
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