RX480 with Ryzen 1600x

It will work a ryzen 1600x with a rx480 ? or would i have a bottleneck ?
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  1. It will work, and you will have no CPU bottleneck.
  2. You should be fine with a 480. They are both mid range parts for gaming and productivity, they match quite well in fact. Though you might want to consider an rx580 over the 480
  3. So i wouldn't have any cpu/gpu bottleneck ?
  4. thatmoritryhard said:
    So i wouldn't have any cpu/gpu bottleneck ?

    You won't have any CPU bottleneck with the RX-480, and the 480 will be able to hit 100% usage in games.
    Yes, the 1600X can keep up with faster cards, so technically I guess you could call the RX-480 a bottleneck if that's the way you want to think of it. I don't.
  5. If the gpu can hit 100%, i have no problem.
  6. thatmoritryhard said:
    If the gpu can hit 100%, i have no problem.

    My GTX 1070 can, so you will be fine. A few examples with the 1600 and a 480:
  7. But that's a ryzen 1600. Should i buy the 1600x or 1600 ?
  8. thatmoritryhard said:
    But that's a ryzen 1600. Should i buy the 1600x or 1600 ?

    I know it was a 1600. But they are the same CPU with the 1600X being sold at a slightly higher clock speed. Both should be able to run all 6 cores at 3.9HGz - 4GHz with little effort. And you get a decent stock cooler with the 1600. No cooler with the 1600X. Your choice.

    Most folks would probably opt for the 1600 and put the savings toward a gfx card. But only you can decide depending on the price difference when you buy. Right now, there's about a $30 price difference between the two.
  9. I pre-ordered a cpu cooler, if there will be no gpu bottlenecks i will buy the 1600x, the diff is about 20-15 bucks.
  10. Best answer
    Neither the 1600 nor 1600X will bottleneck a RX 480. Even a RX 580 would be fairly safe. If you had a Vega or a 1070Ti/1080 which would be over 80% more powerful then you would want to be concerned.

    I'd get the 1600. Comes with a great stock cooler and has room for overclocking with the cooler even. I find X versions aren't worth the extra money.
  11. It will match great dude. I've got a 1600 overclocked to 3.7ghz, so pretty much running 1600x speeds, otherwise 1600 and 1600x are the same. But I had the RX 480 8gb.

    Works great. Very good match. I just sold my 480 online because I needed a new lawn mower for the house we just moved into. Will probably order something like a GTX 1050ti to tide me over until I get a better GPU later. But no complaints on that 480.
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